The Tooth Fairy

Obviously the Tooth Fairy was disturbed as she polished the coins! 


The Tooth Fairy calls at many houses each and every night.  While she sleeps during the day the Sprites and Elves jot down the names of the children who have lost teeth.  When the Tooth Fairy wakes she travels around visiting the names on the list leaving coins or gifts in return for your teeth.  

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Place this door against your skirting board so your name can quickly be ticked off the tooth Fairy's list.  Remember to go straight to sleep though, you could be the first on the list and the Tooth Fairy will not call if you are awake.    


TOOTH FAIRY DOOR with Fairy Tooth Charm            

This is a smaller version of the Tooth Fairy Door but does the job just as well. Place this door against your skirting board and wait...hopefully in the morning the Tooth Fairy has collected your tooth and left you something for your troubles.   

Wear your Fairy Tooth Charm with pride and let everyone know that you have lost a tooth and are waiting for another to grow.




Ever wondered what happens to teeth once they have been collected by the Tooth Fairy?  This 'Thank you' from her explains all you need to know.  A perfect way to mark the loss of a child's tooth.