Once the Fairies can use their fairy wands correctly they leave the Magic school.  This is a huge step for fairies and it has become tradition to give their teacher a gift. At the end of the school year we buy our teacher a gift too and it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of something suitable, and something different.  Doors4Fairies has the answer - a lovely keepsake, personalised especially for them!

Available as either Zip Pulls or Mobile Phone charms.  £4.99

Choice of 2 verses "Happier and Bright" or "Learning is the Key"

 Mrs Williams

Many, many thanks to you!
You brought me real delight
And helped to make my schooling days
So Much happier and bright!


Rebecca Hughes

July 2010




Miss Edwards

 I always loved your class;
Your teaching helped me see,
That to have a full and happy life,
Learning is the key.


Toby Mathews

July 2010



Why not treat your teacher to a simple fairy charm - ideal to insert into that Thank You card at the end of term....  £2.50 each.


Wine Glass Charms (found on the Other Fairy Items page)

Tassel Bookmark (found on the Other Fairy Items page)

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