Fairy Shelters


 All Fairies work hard flying around painting flowers, collecting teeth, making people happy and making the world a nicer place.  Here at Doors4Fairies we noticed that they often get tried and need to rest.  Resting is fine in Fairyland but in the human world there are hidden dangers for fairies...

We have consulted with the Fairies and they have assured us that they only need a simple shelter to rest in before continuing on their way.  They do not need furniture or interior decor just a safe space to stretch their wings and a corner to curl up in and have a quick sleep if needed.

Why not get one now and let your visiting Fairies rest safely?

Fairy Shelters look good decorating any room, on shelves, next to your Fairy Door or even on your window sill. No one would ever guess you have a fairy in it resting before her next  journey!



Great for hanging on your Christmas tree and then when Christmas is over they are perfect for resting fairies when hung from a hook or door handle.  Smaller than our regular shelters they are perfect for the smaller fairy.  Available in Red or Pink. Please state preference when ordering.



 £4.99 each

Red Fairy Shelter

Based on the traditional Fairy Toadstool this Fairy Shelter is a popular choice with the Fairies. 


Purple Fairy Shelter

Not all Fairies like pink, some just love purple.  This Fairy Shelter would look good on any shelf waiting for the Fairies to stop by.


Pink Fairy Shelter

This pink Fairy Shelter is a must for those who love pink.  Really girlie fairies love to rest in this shelter.