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           FAIRY FOOD




We all like a treat now and again and Fairies are no exception.


These special fairy treats can either be left by your Fairy Door or on your window sill to treat passing Fairies.


Here at Doors4Fairies we noticed that our Fairies we a lot happier since we started leaving out treats but the treats never disappeared.  One day I waited up all night to ask the Fairies why.  They told me that once a Fairy had eaten a treat it was good Fairy ettiquette to magic more for the next Fairy or Pixie.  If you need to know if a Fairy or Pixie has visited, carefully look for traces of Fairy Dust.


Below you will find a selection of the most popular Fairy and Pixie treats.


Don’t attempt to eat any of these delights yourself or you may choke.  This is special Fairy Food and is only tasty to Fairies and Pixies.

Please note that these products are not toys, and are for ornamental/decorative use only.


Handcrafted by Doors4Fairies, these jars of fairy food are ideal to accompany the 'Fairy Welcome Packs' .  All Fairies need food, and make them feel extra special with this tasty selection!      






 Choose from:

* Mini Rolls - £2.49

* Eclairs - £2.49

* Strawberries - £2.49

  * Cookies - £2.49 

* Humbugs - £2.49

* Rainbow Drops - £2.49

* Candy Canes - £2.49

* Liquorice Allsorts - Coming Soon

* Lollipops - Coming Soon

                    ...or treat your Fairy to a jar of each!   

Recent reports lead us to believe that Trolls have been pinching Fairy food.  Having spoken to our Fairy friends, it has been decided that the jars will be sealed, and it is only Fairies that can magically access the contents!


Please note that our products are not toys. 

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