As Fairies fly past houses they look to see whether they are welcome or not.  How do they know?  They look for the fairy dust sparkling in the sunlight or moonlight.

Simply sprinkle a pinch of Fairy Dust onto your window sill and wait - the Fairies will stop by.  (If you want your own Fairy that can come and go as she pleases see the 'Release a Fairy Kit' page.)

Each bottle of Fairy Dust has been lovingly harvested from fairies as they pass by.  Below you will see where each colour of Fairy Dust is from.  All of our Magic Fairy Dust is delivered in a beautiful organza bag.

Perfect for Party Bags, Stocking Fillers or any special treat.

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PINK DUST has been collected from the Fairy of Love.  She travels around the world spreading love and happiness and her dust has been collected after her visits.   £2.49

GOLD DUST has been collected after visits from the Sun Fairy.  Nobody knows exactly where she lives because the sun is so hot but her dust has been found on flowers on hot sunny days.  £2.49                            

SILVER DUST has been collected after visits from the Winter Fairy.  Mixed with every flake of snow is the magic dust of the Snow Fairy.  When the snow has melted you will find the magic silver Fairy dust shining in the winter sun.   £2.49

BLUE DUST has been collected from the Water Fairy.  Next time you are swimming look at the surface of the water, the glistening on the surface is actually fairy dust left after a visit from the Water Fairy.   £2.49


RED DUST has been collected after visits from the Christmas fairy.  When you put your Christmas decorations away after Christmas you will see her fairy dust shining on the carpet.  This is a sure sign that the Christmas fairy visited your house over the festive season.  £2.49

GREEN DUST has been collected from the Woodland Fairy.  If you look closely on leaves of trees and flowers you will see them sparkle and this is the dust that has been harvested to fill this bottle of magic dust.  £2.49

MAGIC FAIRY SNOW has been collected from the Fairy Snow Queen.  Why is it magic? Because it never melts!  Once collected the Fairy Snow Queen waves her magic wand and casts a spell so that it never melts.  Imagine...Snow that never melts, even in a heatwave!!!   £2.49

RAINBOW FAIRY DUST is only found at the end of rainbows.  It is courser than the other Fairy Dust because it is needs to reflect a lot of colours in the light.  Sprinkling this dust will attract any passing Fairy.    £2.49

(Please note - All our Fairy Dust is for ornamental use only)



A delightful set of a Fairy Door and Fairy Dust.  A perfect gift combination.  Please state preference when ordering - Fairies Only, or Fairy Door.   £5.99


Please note that our products are not toys. 

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