What better way to get to know your Fairy by letting her know whose Fairy Door she is using.  Fairies don't all ways have time for lots of rest as they are busy collecting teeth, painting flowers, etc, etc. but when they do stop they like somewhere they know they will be welcome and safe.  They all ways note who has helped them and all ways come back to return the favour so keep watching... 

All of our Personalised Fairy Doors are hand crafted to your specification.  If they have been made with enough love, they are awarded the 'Made with Love' charm which is always attached to the right side of the door.  (We are pleased to tell you that we do not know what happens if the doors are not made with enough love as all our doors have always passed the test).

Measurements for the Personalised Doors are approx. 7cm x 14cm x 1.5cm.

When ordering, please state your requirements, i.e. name, date, special occasion, etc.

Don't forget free P&P on all UK orders.

Choose your fairy door and we'll personalise it.

All our Fairy doors can be personalised.  Great for letting your Fairies know who they are visiting.


Shutter doors, Stained window doors, Toadstool doors and Fairy Wishes can all be personalised with up to 10 Characters.  Choose your design and order on the online shop.



The Tooth Fairy calls at many houses each and every night.  While she sleeps during the day the Sprites and Elves jot down the names of the children who have lost teeth.  When the Tooth Fairy wakes she travels around visiting the names on the list leaving coins or gifts in return for your teeth. 

Place this door against your skirting board so your name can quickly be ticked off her list.  Remember to go straight to sleep though, you could be the first on the list and the Tooth Fairy will not call if you are awake.    



(Please state Flowers or Frog and Name when ordering) 


Let the Fairies know whose door they are using with this cute personalised Fairy Door.  Many Fairies pass you everyday all with different jobs to do.  Why limit your visiting Fairies?  Just let them all visit.  Who knows, maybe you could be lucky and actually see one!  As an alternative, what about a personalised Pixie door?




Most children have a Fairy Godmother but unlike Cinderella, not many of us have seen her.  Your Fairy Godmother has the power to help you just like Cinderella's.  Make sure you are ready for her arrival by placing this personalised door on your bedroom skirting board.  If you don't need her help when she arrives, don't worry as she will call again, and again, and again until she is needed.   




Dream Fairies work mainly at night making sure children are tucked up warm and cosy in their beds.  If you have a bad dream she takes it away and blows it into the sky where it forms a black cloud.  When the Dream Fairy has collected enough bad dreams the black cloud bursts and the rain drops wash all the bad dreams away.  Dream Fairies love to be made welcome.  Before you sleep say to your Fairy Door "Goodnight Dream Fairy" and she will watch over you all night long.  



FAIRY DOOR (Christening/New Arrival)

Mark the occasion with something slightly different.  This door provides a unique momento of the birth date and name of child, or a Christening gift with a difference - a keepsake.  Colour co-ordinated for either boys or girls. 



For alternative gift options, please see our Baby pages - New Born and Christening

Please note that our products are not toys. 

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