Here at Doors4Fairies you will find a large range of Fairy and Pixie Doors all hand crafted with love and care to attract the small folk into our world.

After these doors have been cut and sanded into shape, we then burn the main design into the wood.  They are then decorated as the Fairies and Pixies would like.  This has taken years to perfect, but we now know what they like best. 

All fairy doors made by Doors4Fairies have been checked and approved by the Fairies.

When the doors have been made they are left in a room overnight.  The fairies then come and check them.  If they have been made with love and attention, the fairies award the door with a 'made with love' charm which can be found on the right hand side of all our doors.

This is unique to Doors4Fairies and is a sign of our quality workmanship.

Because these doors have all been individually hand crafted, we cannot guarantee any two are identical.  This has been proved to be a good thing as the Fairies and Pixies love individuality. 

Indoor Fairy Doors measure approx. 7cm x 14cm x 1.5cm.


Christmas Fairy Door £10.99

 Lets help Santa and his Christmas Fairy by providing them with easy access.  These Fairy doors are slightly bigger than our usual indoor doors, well, they should be...how else are they going to get those gifts through them!

Just a word of warning though.  It has been reported that these doors have been used to check on good or naughty boys and girls!!!

 Place the door against an outside wall over Christmas and wait... 

There are 2 to choose from.  The red socking door comes with a 'Christmas Fairies only' sign on the front and the Green Stocking Door has a glitter window frame and the sign on the door reads 'Santa's Christmas Fairy'.


                   Was £12.99   NOW ONLY  £10.99 each

 Pink, Blue and Gold Stained Glass

Ideal unique gift for Births, Christenings or even to mark the date of Proms, Weddings or birthdays.  All handcrafted with your own personalised detail.


Pink, Blue and Gold Doors available.

£10.99 each 

Door and Dust

How about treating someone (or even yourself) to a Door and Dust set?  This set combines a small Fairy Door with a bottle of magic Fairy Dust. 

These popular little gift sets are all you need for continual visits from the fairies.  Place the door next to your skirting board or any hard surface.  Sprinkle the fairy dust on your window sill and wait.

The Fairy dust will sparkle in either the sunlight or moonlight and the Fairies know that your house is a Fairy Friendly House and will stop by to rest their weary wings.  You never know...they even move in!!! 

Three options available, either "Fairies Only" (Pink), "Fairy Door" (Purple) or "Fairies" (Silver).



 Multi Coloured Stained Glass Window

Fairy Door

This delightful Fairy Door has it's own unique jewelled stained glass window perfectly placed within a Driftwood style frame, perfect for Fairies that like a bit of 'Bling' but prefer to bring their own Fairy dust! 

Comes complete with an explanation of the origins. (Colours may vary from the picture)


£10.99 each

(Can be personalized)

Shutter Fairy Door

It has been brought to our attention that a few naughty Trolls and Goblins have been seen looking through the windows of the Fairy Doors.  Whilst this doesn't bother most fairies there are some fairies that are shy and like their privacy.  This Fairy Door with Shutters is the ideal answer.  These shutters can only be closed using Fairy magic so please do not try and shut them yourselves.

                                                      £10.99 each

(Can be personalized)

Sparkle Toadstool Fairy Door

This gorgeous fairy door is beautifully decorated with three sparkly toadstools to attract the fairies into your home.  The sign has been mad from Fairy driftwood which can be personalized with up to 10 characters.


      £10.99 each                  

  (Can be personalised)     

Fairy Wishes Door

A Fairy Driftwood window frame sets this unique Fairy door off a treat.  Perfect for those Fairies to see who is knocking to come in.                  

£10.99 each 

(Can be personalized)

Fairy Finder Kit

Here at Doors4Fairies, we have developed a Fairy Finder Kit - all you need to help you find your own Fairy Friends.  Instructions are included with the kit.  Contents - Fairy Door, Organza Travel Bag, Dust and your tinkling Fairy Caller.

£5.99 each


Pixie Door

The perfect door for Pixies to see if all is quiet before they enter the room. 

Pixies are mischievous little folk who just love to have fun.  Have you ever put something down and not be able to find it again?  This will be the Pixies.  They love to hide things for fun.  If you have lost something just ask your door.  The Pixie will hear you and within a few days the lost article with reappear. 

undefined                          £10.99 each

Release a Fairy Kit

Each Pack contains all you need to look after your new Fairy.  The egg is contained in a sliver nest which can be attached to your mobile phone or bag so your fairy can always find you.  

Sprinkle a little Magic Fairy Dust on your window sill and it will sparkle in the light guiding your fairy home once she spreads starts to spread her wings. 

Place the door on an outside wall within your home or even against the window and your Fairy will be able to come and go as she pleases.

Don't leave your Fairy behind when you go on holiday or on a sleepover, she can now come with you.  Simply pack up all your Fairy needs and put in the colour co-ordinated organza bag which completes this beautiful gift.  Available in

Pink - Fairies Only, Purple - Fairy Wishes or Navy - Dream Fairy



All kits come complete with full instructions.  Each colour kit contains a different Fairy to be hatched.


Please note that our products are not toys. 

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