Doors4Fairies are pleased to launch a range of accessories for your Fairies and Fairy Doors.  All fairy doors made by Doors4Fairies have been checked and approved by the Fairies.

When the doors have been made they are left in a room overnight.  The fairies then come and check them.  If they have been made with love and attention, the fairies award the door with a 'made with love' charm which can be found on the right hand side of all our doors.

This is unique to Doors4Fairies and is a sign of our quality workmanship.

After Christmas last year, as usual, we gave our Fairies time off as it is perhaps their busiest time of year.  When they returned to work we started talking about what the Fairies missed when they were away from home for such long periods of time.  "Home comforts" were missed most of all.   

We started thinking......once again we could help.  We looked at their little fairy homes and designed a range of Fairy Home comforts based upon what we saw and having just got fairy approval they are now available for sale.  After all, we want to make our Fairies comfortable and welcomed!  

Why not treat them to some delightful homewares to leave by your Fairy door?




How about treating someone (or even yourself) to a Door and Dust set?  This set combines a small Fairy Door with a bottle of magic Fairy Dust.

These popular little gift sets are all you need for continual visits from the fairies.  Place the door next to your skirting board or any hard surface.  Sprinkle the fairy dust on your window sill and wait.

The Fairy dust will sparkle in either the sunlight or moonlight and the Fairies know that your house is a Fairy Friendly House and will stop by to rest their weary wings.  You never know...they even move in!!! 

Two options available, either "Fairies Only" or "Fairy Door".  Colours may vary.  For specific colours, please state this when checking out.



Each Pack contains all you need to look after your new Fairy.  The egg is contained in a sliver nest which can be attached to your mobile phone or bag so your fairy can always find you.  

Sprinkle a little Magic Fairy Dust on your window sill and it will sparkle in the light guiding your fairy home once she spreads starts to spread her wings. 

Place the door on an outside wall within your home or even against the window and your Fairy will be able to come and go as she pleases.

Don't leave your Fairy behind when you go on holiday or on a sleepover, she can now come with you.  Simply pack up all your Fairy needs and put in the colour co-ordinated organza bag which completes this beautiful gift.


All kits come complete with full instructions.  Each colour kit contains a different Fairy to be hatched see below for different kits. 

 £5.99 each


A lovely kit which will allow you to find your very own Fairy Friend.

£5.99 each

Don't forget free P&P on all UK orders.


The Fairy Stool is a pretty piece of furniture that can be positioned anywhere near your Fairy Door.  This Stool has Fairy-style fabric and cute little feet, all finished off with a spotted pink ribbon.

£3.50 each 

Please note that our products are not toys. 

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