Copyright is extremely important to Doors4Fairies, and we take any imitations of our products very seriously. 

We appreciate that people like choice, and there is nothing wrong with healthy competition, however, please note the following:

  • All designs of Fairy Doors, Pixie Doors, Personalised Doors, Outdoor Doors, Accessories and all other gift items on our site are copyright to DoorsFairies.
  • All story-telling, wording and verses used to promote our products are copyright to Doors4Fairies.
  • The key and doorknob on our Fairy Doors are copyright to Doors4Fairies.
  • The 'Made with Love' charm is unique on Doors made by Doors4Fairies, and is put there as a sign of our quality workmanship.  This again has copyright to Doors4Fairies.

These items must not be used in any form by anyone else, including photographs used on our website.

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