Welcome to Doors4Fairies.  Let us tell you a little about ourselves and how we came about. 

A couple of years ago, it was commented as to how lacking in atmosphere the world we lived in had become.  Children had lost some of their laughter, the flowers weren't as vibrantly coloured as they once were, the branches of the trees seemed to hang down...no one could quite put their finger on what the problem was until we found a pattern forming...every time one of the children's teeth fell out it took a couple of nights before the Tooth Fairy called to collect it.  This wasn't usual as we all know that the Tooth Fairy always calls the night that the tooth is put under the pillow.

One September evening we contacted the fairies to find out what the problem was. "All of your homes are beautiful but they are so well built that we are finding it hard to get in them now and, when we do, we are so tired we often fall asleep and cannot take the tooth until the following night" said a beautiful little fairy sitting in the corner of the room yawning.

"Because we are longer collecting the teeth, the other fairies are having to do our jobs and that is why we haven't got time to make the children laugh or paint the flowers or arrange the tree branches beautifully like we used to."

'Can we help?' we asked eagerly, 'Could we make you some little doors? We could put them against our skirting boards or outside walls and you could use your magic to open them.'

....and this is how we started Doors4Fairies.

All our products are 'Fairy Approved'.  If you click on 'Fairy Doors' you will see our quality control process and you can buy your own door and help the fairies enter into your home.


Fairies do not need to eat, but they love little treats - we have jars of Fairy Food, along with sweet treats and trays of Gingerbread or Eclairs.  To let the fairies know that you love them you will need some Fairy Dust to sprinkle onto the windowsill.  When the light makes the dust sparkle, it lets the fairies know that they are welcome.


All our Jewellery and Charms have been approved by the fairies.  This gives the gifts you buy an extra special meaning.  You will find a range of Jewellery and Charms in the pages that follow.


Doors4Fairies are available for Fundraising events.  Spring Fairs, Summer Fairs, Craft Fairs, Christmas Fairs ..... any event that needs a stall with a difference.  Contact us for more information.  (We cannot guarantee that the odd fairy or two could follow us in!)


We are continuously developing new ranges! In our online shop, all our new items are marked, so that you can clearly see what we have recently been developing.... 

 Kind regards....

Jan & Sarah


Please note that our products are not toys. 

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